QUITT, brand of Leggings and Tops, Casual and Sport Categories preferred in Colombia and around the World. QUITT, prides itself on Designing, Manufacturing and Making all its products with fabrics, supplies and Colombian labor. QUITT, wants to highlights the Colombian textile production, which is what has identified us over time, before the world and the interior of our country.


QUITT always in search of new designs for its garments, so we invite our women users of our products to our offices to know their tastes and the type of designs they would like to wear.


QUITT `s main objective to manufacture and make garments made of high quality materials, which give women trust and support of using them because they last, highlight the silhouette and, very importantly, give them total freedom of movement.


QUITT since its inception, has promoted "Lo Nuestro"; products made with materials, designers and labor of Colombian origin, to offer the world products that make a difference.


QUITT being a Registered Brand, incorporates in its products those designs details and qualities that the clients suggest and QUITT assume as a requirement, among which stand out that they do NOT bother, do NOT mark, do NOT let see through the fabric and most importantly, they feel free and comfortable.